Life Comes Full Circle

You never know what life has in store for you and sometimes you just have to keep the faith.

My sweet nephew Nicholas was born in March 2011.  Nicholas, as well as Rylyn’s other cousins Ethan, Alyssa, and Josie, taught me so many lessons about being an aunt which helped me become the mom I am today.  

Rylyn and I are fortunate to live near the seacoast in New England.  Years before Rylyn was born, Nicholas was at my house for a special day at the beach.  Little did I know that I would be able to, literally, recreate this photo with Nicholas years later, but also with the son I waited for my entire life!

The photo below shows me holding my nephew in the surf when he was just a baby.  I loved this picture because it captured an important moment for me. I loved Nicholas so much and it was just further confirmation that I was meant to be a mom.  Because it was so special, I remember all the details of the day and I had it enlarged and made into a canvas print for my home. 

Three years later, my life had come full circle and I was going through bins of hand-me-down clothes from my sister and sister-in-law while Rylyn did tummy time on the floor.  In going through a bin of summer clothes I stopped when I saw the shirt, and then the shorts, then the bucket hat!  It brought me back to that day on the beach with Nicholas.  I quickly stripped Rylyn down to his diaper and put everything on him and it all reminded me of how bittersweet that day with Nicholas was when I wasn’t sure if I’d ever get to be a mom.

Shortly after, my sister and Nicholas came to see us at my house and I dressed Rylyn in the “Nicholas outfit,” and we went to the beach.  I had a realization that day that you literally never know where your life will end up, you never know what miracles are in store for you, and you don’t know what you perceive as a missed opportunity or a mistake, changes your life so dramatically, and puts you on the path you were meant to be on…even though you may have resisted.

So in the photo below, I am crying (I am a crier), while holding my sweet nephew’s hand, and clutching the boy who was, and will always be, my miracle.  

Life comes full circle. 

You have to believe.

I had both photos enlarged, made into canvas prints and I display them in a prominent place in my home.  They are a reminder to me each day how blessed I am to be an aunt, a Godmother, and a mom.  They are also a reminder to me that life isn’t always easy, especially in these times, but you have no idea what is around the corner and you just have to believe…

To my little friend…not everyone has a “Nicholas” to help them keep believing.  I am so lucky to be your aunt and your Godmother.  There is something special about you, and the time I spent with you as a baby, that made me believe and not give up even when I wanted to.  Thanks for helping me keep the faith.  

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  • You are so right you just never know what life has in store for you. But the very best part of life is watching your babies grow and learn, then your grand babies and now for me my great grand babies they make life worth living. Thank you for sharing that sweet boy with us I still love watching his videos. They just grow up to fast

    • I live by the quote “he is only a little boy for such a little while.” The quote makes me a bit sad, but also makes me embrace the fleeting moments and helps me set my priorities. All the best to the generations of precious babes you’re caring for. Not sure if you’re a Nana or a Gram or a Mimi, but your role in their lives is sacred. Much love to you…

    • Thank you for your kind words. I have the spirit to see and I was blessed with a child who also has an old soul and sees everything I do…and he feels it deeply. I’m so lucky. Given your thoughtful comment, I imagine you are also surrounded by those who have the eyes and spirit to see. All the best and thank you…

    • All of this sharing is just about hope and being joyful in the moment. We fully understand the gravity of all that’s going on in the world, and we’ve been affected personally, so sharing Rylyn’s happiness is my privilege. Blessings to you and your family.

  • Such a special and precious story. I am so happy for you and appreciate your willingness to share your incredible story with so many people.

    • Thank you for your comment. I’m such a private person and then messages from around the world came in asking about Rylyn. It’s my story of finding Rylyn and of his amazing spirit and capacity to touch people but, truly, it’s all him. I’m privileged to share his sense of hope during these unprecedented times. I hope you and your loved ones are safe and healthy.

  • Rylyn brings me joy every time I see a photo or hear him sing ❤❤❤. Blessing to you and your family.

  • Such an aha moment. Blessings are just the sweetest gifts. I absolutely love being an auntie. Sadly I have no children. But the nieces and nephews gave me love and solace . I didn’t feel I was missing out.

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