Seeing Love in Everything

I’ve learned a great deal from my little boy in the past few months, amazing given he is barely five years old. He’s outgoing and extroverted and looks for joy in everything. If Rylyn isn’t laughing or playing within five minutes of waking up, I put my hand on his forehead to see if he’s running a fever. 

Rylyn starts his days happy and spends them literally always looking for more spots of joy. Of course, if I’m being real, he has his struggles like every other child – his temper tantrums and negotiation skills when it comes to getting dressed and brushing his teeth are second to none. If he’s out of diapers by the time he’s in college, I will consider that a personal triumph. But this child has this inherent joy of being alive. 

A few of the hearts Rylyn has spotted in the wild.

Rylyn has a way of looking at the world through love. We visited close family friends the other day, and he said, “Angela and Dick are not my aunt or uncle, they are not our family, but I love them….so what are they, then?”

Such a big concept for such a little boy. I told him, “If you love them, then we can call them family.” Because especially in these times, who couldn’t use more love?

The most impactful thing I’ve seen in Rylyn most recently is his endless pursuit of evidence of love. He is constantly sure some sign is right around the corner, so he seeks and he finds. That is an incredibly valuable mindset to have, both in life and, more pertinently, at this time in our lives.

We take a lot of walks these days, and invariably he will spot a rock in the shape of a heart and pick it up for me. The first time he did this, I thought it was adorable – now, I have a vase full of heart-shaped rocks he’s found. He sees hearts in broken shells on the beach, in rocks in the street during our nightly walks, and in dried leaves swept by the wind onto our lawn that would otherwise be raked up or blown away. He calls me into the kitchen at breakfast to look at a slice of a strawberry that looks exactly like a heart or he will yell – and I do mean yell – from the back seat of the car for me to pull over because the swirl of a cloud in the sky looks like the wispy shape of a heart above the ocean. 

Rylyn gave me a heart very carefully bitten out of a piece of banana bread before heading to Pre-K one day.

His magic little eyes can look at a brittle leaf or a broken shell and see heart-shaped treasure, breaking out into a happy dance or giving a squeal in delight. It’s not just rose-colored glasses as he is only five, after all. It’s a tendency towards love, a desire to see evidence of it all around, and a reason to talk about love as much as possible. That’s how I see it, anyway.

I’ve learned from Rylyn that if you look for love, you’ll find it everywhere. That is one of the precious gifts he has given to me. It’s also one of the reasons why we continue to post videos and blogs that show the happy, loving, and real sides of growing up. If I’m learning about love from my five-year-old son, then maybe others can learn from him as well. 

Happy heart hunting.  ❤️

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  • Omg Maureen, i am so amazed at your little treasure. What a blessing for you and this world. It has taken me until 50 years to nurture a loving outlook!! You have both inspired me now to have an agenda of love to others for the rest of today xxx

    • Thank you so much for your message Karen. It’s taken me 50 years as well…and then a wee little boy, with an old soul and a tremendous capacity to love, taught me to just be present. Broken shells and brittle leaves and a glimpse of a cloud moving by…who could see evidence of a heart or the presence of love? Most likely, a child. And my child happens to be one of those who sees what I “previously” passed by too quickly. All the best to you and an “agenda of love” is a little pearl I’ll use going forward. Much love…Rylyn’s mom


  • I read your heart warming story how beautiful little Rylyn came into your life and it was truly meant to be. I can see by your words the impact this little boy has had on your life and it is wonderful to see the happiness and love you have both found in each other.

    The world is in sad times and having 4 grandchildren myself I was feeling abit of despair for what th.e future held for them and all of us and it was only by chance I saw Rylyn on fb singing his little song “Three little Birds” and I was overwhelmed with his words of hope. He might not realise but that day certainly changed my mindset and I try not to worry so much and be more happy. So thank you little Rylyn, you are a beautiful little soul, with a heart of gold. I listen to you sing that song very regular.

    I’m sure like your mommy say you have your naughty times but don’t all children, it’s lovely though at the end of the day to have that quite moment together and a hug to blow all negativity away, ready to start afresh the next day.

    You are such a handsome little chap that have brought joy to many, I hope life is wonderful for you and your mommy and family and it is filled with love always.

    Sandra from the 🇬🇧 UK

  • Thank you for continuing to share Rylyn with us. Rylyn first caught my eye when he sang “Three Little Birds” because, not only was he so sweet and adorable, he looks EXACTLY like a little boy I used to babysit for. I fell in love with this little child when he was just six months old (he’s now 22) and babysat for him, and his younger brother, until they were old enough to not need a babysitter anymore. I still stay in touch with the two young men and their parents. We always look forward to more of Rylyn’s signing, dancing and adventures and for sure, when he blows his precious kisses!!

  • I’ve never met your little angel in person , He has a special place in my heart, He’s is a gift from GOD!!!!! For God is love. You are a BLESS mother. And thanks for sharing him. 🙏🏾🙏🏾

  • When I heard Rylyn sing Bob Marley´s song I felt like it was the voice of God singing this message to us through your son. I was completely moved and blessed. May God continue to use your son as a vessel for the world. You know how special he is that is why you are sharing him. Thank you and we all look forward to Rylyn´s life on this earth.

  • You are truly blessed to have this wonderful little loving soul in your life❤️🙏🏼🥰 thank you for sharing him with us. Especially in these pandemic times we are all in need of loving moments and happiness to help ease the pain and loss. He is a joy to watch please keep up the videos of all his loving and joyful moments🙌🏼🥰🙏🏼❤️😘🥳

  • Hi Maureen,
    I have just recently discovered you and your little angel Rylyn. Thank you so much for sharing his love, warmth and sweetness with the world. Your little guy is an amazing human and obviously you are a great mom. I can’t imagine him being raised by anyone who could not appreciate his natural ability to be happy, joyful and loving. The two of you together were meant to be.
    Sincerely, Leslie Moynihan Coffey

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