This little boy was magic from the start…

With incredible family support, I adopted Rylyn and have been with him since the day after his birth.  As his mom, I’ve always described Rylyn as having some sort of magic.  I couldn’t always put it into words, but it was really his ability to make people happy.

Three Little Birds is a lullaby I sing to Rylyn when tucking him in at night.  During this coronavirus pandemic, Rylyn was missing his Nana and his family—grandfather, aunts, uncles and his sweet, sweet cousins—so he sang the lullaby that I sing to him.  We forwarded it to our family, because they are who love and cherish him and he was missing that connection so deeply… and then the world saw it. 

In response, we have received thousands of messages from around the world and they have been heart-wrenching and uplifting and kind and moving… and they have affected us deeply.

But Rylyn is only 4 years old. He has no understanding of all that is happening right now nor how his sweet little raspy voice and message has resonated with so many around the globe.

This website was created to preserve these memories for Rylyn so that when he is older, and able to have a greater understanding, he will be able to reflect, appreciate, and be grateful for the impact that he had on so many people.  Our family’s intention is to preserve this moment in time as an “online memory box.” 

During this pandemic, where everyone could use a little bit of love and a little bit of hope, we share Rylyn’s message. As his mother, it is my privilege and honor to share his message with anyone who needs it right now. 

Because Rylyn is an old soul, when he says every little thing is going to be all right… I believe him with my whole heart.

— Maureen Clark

April 20, 2020